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Finally finished writing story

 I finished writing my story Friday. Now I have to type it in the computer and do all the revisions and stuff. I am so glad the hard part is over. It should not have taken me so long to write but I got stuck in the middle. I think it will be something I can publish, I hope!!!!!
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ice cream


V-DAY was good. We went out to eat mexican and ate so much we had no room for the chocolate dipped strawberries I made. Oh well, I guess we will have to eat them today.

I am going to finish reading TITHE today and then finish writing my story, hopefully. It is coming along. I don't know what my problem was before. Sometimes I think it's creative over load, because I started four more stories during my word block. I can't stop coming up with story ideas, but I seem to always get stuck in the middle. When I do get out of my rut it reads like my second or third draft.  It's like I revised it in my head before I put pen to paper.
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Thank You LJ Author Friends

Thank you to all of my author friends on LJ. Your writing tips helped me hurtle the word block I had. It has taken me two months to get through the middle of my story. I had the hardest time transitioning from finding the cool trunk that said do not open, to the reason why and then fixing the problem. I have to tell this story in 1000 words and I think it wants to be longer. No problem I can always make it a novel later when my writing skills are better. 

I just want to say, Thank God for spell check.  
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I just read that the CW tv channel has picked up the pilot show for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES based on the series of novels written by  L.J. SMITH. The show will be taking the place of SMALLVILLE. Sad for superman, yeah for vampires.
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Writer's Block: Been There, Done That

There was a day when I was a little kid that I think back on as the most fun day I ever had. The strange thing about it was that when it was time to leave this magical  place I pitched a fit to my dad, so he promised I would get punished when we got home. I thought he forgot because a couple of hours went by with no punishment mentioned. Boy was I wrong.  All in all it was still a fun day.
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Jumping over writers wall

I put away the story I was working on for now, and started on another one I've been thinking about for a while. I can't remember if I mentioned I am taking a children's literature writing course. I'm almost two months late on this assignment because I got stuck. I just got a book that suggested  I start a blog as the protagonist of my story. You know, tell her thoughts and get comments form LJ users. I don't know if I'll do it, but if anyone reads my blog feel free to leave me a comment.

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writers wall

I was told by an author that writers block was a cop out for laziness.  My problem I have decided is writers wall because I know how I want my story to end but I'm having a hard time getting there. It's just a short story that's only supposed to be 1000 words and that seems to be most of my problem. Apparently I have to learn to write short stories before I can write novels. I could ramble all day about my incompetence but I have to go to work and be artistically creative.